Repeating Patterns

I have been working in watercolor since 2010. What I love about it is the planning that goes into it and then the chaos of applying the paint. The paint pigments move and flow with the water and lay down in interesting ways. There is the technique of which brushstroke to use and how to amplify the mood of the art. Decisions are made hastily and with patience as the paint dries. It is much like dancing, getting into the rhythm of painting.


Functional Work

Ceramics is something that I have gone back to multiple times, but I began seriously pursuing it in 2017. I rented studio space and checked out all the book in the library. The blog and Instagram show my progress learning this discipline. I feel it is very similar to watercolor. It begins with design and planning- what shape to make, it’s functions and spirit. After crafting it, it’s placed in the kiln and fired- this is the chaos- and fingers are crossed that it comes out well. 

Block Printing

Block Prints

Block printing is a medium that I dabble in when it strikes my fancy. I love those old German woodcuts as well as pen and ink illustrations.