Latest firing from before Christmas. Some nice cups and experiments with colored washes. I think I fired the kiln too slow though, because my plates are completely flat now. Upsetting. Everything else turned out better. This blue glaze is still imperfect but so is my work. Got my Frost clay test tiles through, and whoops, made them too thin and they melted into each other. Some good results on both clay types from the test tiles. I’m close to a nice high calcium glaze that I can turn pink/red and it has such a nice feel. It’s so soft, you’ll just want to keeping feeling it. Soon I’ll be able to do color tests for this. I’m ready for some greens and pinks.

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Nice dish set coming out of the bisque firing today. I am hoping to get another glaze firing ready for Friday. I’ll have plenty to get in the kiln but I’m in an experiment with some color washes so glazing might take a while longer. I’m finally getting my Laguna Frost clay tested with some glazes, so I’ll get to see if those work better on that clay type. I kinda hope they don’t, because this clay is more expensive but the numbers (thermal expansion rates) imply it’ll work good. Or I could try being less obsessed with finding a glaze that doesn’t craze. ? Probably not going to happen but I’m also anxious to get some new color going. #ceramic #pottery #rlnicholas #blog #artstudio #cedarburgartistsguild #arthouse #artprocess

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